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During this campaign, market share grew 6%

When I first started working at the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TMLIRP), I was in charge of creating a bi-monthly ad for the "Texas Town & City" magazine. First, I had to find out what made TMLIRP different. One of the most amazing facts that I discovered was that TMLIRP had 90% of the Texas city market share for risk coverage. So, I created an ad campaign that touted the outstanding market share fact (band wagon advertising). In the body copy, I emphasized why Texas towns and cities trusted TMLIRP more than all the other competitors. The first ad ran in September of 2006. The campaign lasted until May of 2008. By the time the last ad ran in 2008, the market share had grown to 96%. I tried to use simple images, with a quick answer to the headline question, "Why do 90% of Texas cities choose TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool?" The copy was kept very quick and simple. I created the concept, the copy and the artwork. I watched the statistics closely as the campaign ran. I upped the percentage in the headline question as the market share grew throughout the campaign. In this gallery, I will include some of my favorite ads from this ad campaign. Most of the ads were created in Photoshop.