Email Marketing

With the right mailing list, you can capture and engage a target market with email blasts.

My thoughts on effective email campaigns are these: 1.) the message needs to be short and quick, 2.) the visual needs to be eye-catching, and 3.) the email should require readers to click and engage. The clicking allows for marketers to count the effectiveness of the campaign. Plus, never forget that you need to get the message to your intended target market.

Like social media, with a great marketing plan, a superb creative plan and a targeted email list – you can reach your target market with relatively very little money. 

One more thought – emailing is also a great way to reach your employees. Make your internal emails fun and exciting. Creative emailing can be a great inexpensive internal public relations tool.

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  • Email Reminder

    This email invite was a fun way to remind Texas city members to attend the annual free breakfast at the biggest Texas city government conference of the year. A similar ad had already run in the "Texas Town & City" magazine the month before.

    The "Click here" copy helps marketers gage the success of their email marketing piece (one of the beauties of email marketing).

    I strongly advocate email blasts to include an appealing clickable option. Why? Because if your target market acts upon your email suggestion (of clicking to respond in some way), it allows the marketing team to calculate how successful the email performed. By clicking, your audience is engaging (or interacting) with your communications. That is awesome – you have moved your market!

    If you already have a mailing list of your target market, your email blast is practically free since you most likely will be using resources that are already standard components at your workplace (for example, the Internet, email service, a communication specialist, etc.).

    Email marketing can be a WIN, WIN, WIN marketing strategy!

    Email Reminder
  • Pro Bono Email and Website Art for a Vendor

    I had a vendor from whom I had once bought some PowerPoint art. He was always sending me emails, but his emails were so long and boring. They had way more material (writing) than anyone wanted to read, and no artwork. So, I created this piece of art for him to use in his emails and at his website.

    I told him that he had to first hook people. Once they become interested, then he could give them more details.

    This vendor was trying to sell a creative package (templates and art for PowerPoint presentations), but that's not the message that his emails were relaying. His emails were so word-heavy, I think most people just threw them away.

    He thanked me profusely for taking the time to make this artwork and for giving him some pointers on getting peoples' attention.

    This art was created in PhotoShop. I wrote the copy and created the art.

    Pro Bono Email and Website Art for a Vendor
  • Attorney Workshop eMail Save-the-Date

    This invitation was sent out to Texas attorneys via email. The work was created in Photoshop and the design element in the middle of the invitation was created in Illustrator.

    A month later, a brochure was sent out that included the program and instructions for registering. The brochure had the same design elements. For the workshop, I also created a binder and name tags that had the same design elements.

    Attorney Workshop eMail Save-the-Date
  • Retirement party e-vite

    This invitation was created for the executive director's retirement party. It was created in Photoshop. The executive director's secretary explained what she wanted, and I created it. This piece was created in Photoshop and sent out via email.

    Retirement party e-vite