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Email Reminder

This email invite was a fun way to remind Texas city members to attend the annual free breakfast at the biggest Texas city government conference of the year. A similar ad had already run in the "Texas Town & City" magazine the month before.

The "Click here" copy helps marketers gage the success of their email marketing piece (one of the beauties of email marketing).

I strongly advocate email blasts to include an appealing clickable option. Why? Because if your target market acts upon your email suggestion (of clicking to respond in some way), it allows the marketing team to calculate how successful the email performed. By clicking, your audience is engaging (or interacting) with your communications. That is awesome – you have moved your market!

If you already have a mailing list of your target market, your email blast is practically free since you most likely will be using resources that are already standard components at your workplace (for example, the Internet, email service, a communication specialist, etc.).

Email marketing can be a WIN, WIN, WIN marketing strategy!